TMA Intl makes its services available to customers who need special expertise on demand on a short term and long term basis.

TMA Intl also offers consulting services on a retainer basis. You can hire us to develop and deliver an engineering solution from start to finish or bring us onboard to provide expertise in a particular area.


IT Services




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TMA Intl has highly experienced company who are uniquely qualified to help you evaluate and deliver the best solution. From conceptual design to complete layout and detail of all parts, our engineering staff translates the project into a working design. Constant consultation with the customer, during the design stages is assurance that the progress and design excellence of the equipment is being sustained to customer’s satisfaction.

Our Partners

Leading manufacturers & suppliers

TMA Intl is involved in indenting and trading with its partners around the globe.

TMA Intl as an agent to leading manufacturers, supplies equipment to government utilities and private sector with excellent after sales support through its team of highly trained and experienced engineers. TMA Intl also makes possible to form joint ventures for big jobs with its foreign principals and local groups.

IT Services

We provide I.T services and solutions to industrial concerns and business entities:

  • Provide I.T solutions on turnkey basis
  • Office automation and data handling
  • Database development
  • Inventory control system
  • Industrial automation & control
  • Building Management system
  • Data mining and retrieval
  • System analysis & design
  • I.T support and Services
  • Software engineering consultancy
  • Provide I.T solutions to financial institute, insurance firms, business and industrial concerns
Our Team Succes

Our Best Team

Technical Manager

Kashif Bajwa (M.Sc Electronics)

Telecom Engineer

Hassan Butt (Telecommunication Engineer)

Finance Manager

Sarfraz Ahmed (ACMA)

Human Resource Manager

M.Amir Shehzad (BBA)