About Us

Mission Statement

Fields of Experience

  • IT Solution Provider
  • EHV Transmission Lines
  • Sub-Stations
  • Instrumentation
  • nstallation of Fiber Optical Cable
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • External and Internal Electrification
  • Street Lightening
  • Electrification of Multistory Complexes
  • Industrial and Commercial Buildings
  • Air Conditioning
  • Installation of Fire Alarming and Fire
  • Extinguishing Systems
  • XLPE Power Cables 11 KV, 33 KV and 132KV
  • Installation of CCTV Network
  • Telecommunication System
  • Self Supported Radio (SSR) Towers
  • Guyed Mast

Specialized Fields

  • Design and engineering of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Projects.
  • Technical and Financial Evaluation.
  • Feasibility study of projects.
  • System Analysis and Design.
  • Software Engineering Consultancy.
  • Cost Estimation, Tendering.
  • Project Management, Execution, Supervision for qualitative and quantitative monitoring of projects.
  • Testing and Commissioning of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Installations.
  • Maintenance and operation of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Installations.
  • Procurement of materials, import and clearance at sea ports.
  • Project co-ordination.
  • Quality assurance and quality control.
  • Fabrication of materials.


• Confidentiality, Quality, and Timeliness.
• Minimal overall development cost
• Commitment to quality
• Total customer satisfaction
• Long-term customer relationship


• Highly focused approach
• Principals having name and credibility in international market
• Quality orientation
• Responsible management practices
• Approach to build synergies
• Managerial and operational flexibility


Companies in the industrialized economies have found outsourcing as a means to reduce development expenses and to increase the overall value. Despite falling hardware prices, the overall budget for IT both in absolute dollars and as a share of total expense continues to rise. The integration of networking, Internet, computing and telecommunication technologies has raised more complexities and costs – hiring technology staff, maintaining and upgrading huge inventory of software applications and specialized tools, etc. Thus, IT managers are under intense pressure to reduce costs and to minimize their risks by shifting development to the third parties.


Long term partnership is vital for both the customers and the suppliers. If a marketing company does good job for its customers then of course they would like to enter in a joint venture involving marketing of their products. This in the end results in good business dealings with the international and local business community.


This deals with Marketing strategy new market, growth and enterprise solutions, corporate resources, leadership & restricting and prevention.


We take care of enterprise modeling, electronic commerce, enterprise implementation, transforming the engineering organizations legacy risk management.


It means introducing new products and technologies to the local market by becoming an interface or link between them and the international community. It not only helps the local community by taking the responsibility of exploring the global market but also help the international community to reach local markets thus acting as gateways or portals for both the international and local markets to each other. Keeping this in mind makes a good basis of a marketing strategy.


We take care of enterprise modeling, electronic commerce, enterprise implementation, transforming the engineering organizations legacy risk management. When looking at the local markets one needs to keep in mind the product and its possibility to sell in that market. If a product is not needed in a market then no matter what is done it will not sell e.g. you can not sell a Rolls Royce in a country where people are hungry for a grain of food. Similarly products are made to target a special community or market place.

In a rapidly increasing world of technology marketing takes on the central stage. And to strive in real world one can never undermine the strength and importance of good marketing strategy. It does not only mean a company can only market what it produces but one can hire another company to do it for them. It all depend one different scenario surrounding it and management taking this decision. In general asking someone to market for a company takes the pressure away from their shoulders to the marketing company. One should make this decision with responsibility.